We’re Reopening!

Dear patients,

All of us at Port Hope Health Centre are very happy to announce that as of Monday June 1st 2020, we will be re-opening to serve you!

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health amended Directive #2 yesterday to allow a gradual restart of deferred and non-essential services by regulated health professionals, including Chiropractors, Physiotherapists. At this time, our Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Chiropodist and our Audiologists will start serving their patients during regular hours, 9-6 but with reduced volume of patients. 


Our Naturopathic Doctors will continue to provide virtual visits and telehealth consultations to their patients but not in office visits. Our Registered Massage Therapists will not participate in this stage of re-opening and we will update you once they return to serve our patients with in person visits.

 Please contact our Naturopaths directly by email (found in our website under Our Team) to book a telehealth visits or any questions you will have for them. Please also contact your Massage Therapists directly by email as well if you have any questions or wanted to get in touch with them.

We have worked diligently to ensure that our Health Centre has implemented ALL of the requirements for the health and safety of our patients, our staff, and our practitioners as set out by the Minister of Health.

The safety and health of our staff, our practitioners, and our patients is our number one priority

To ensure that we attain all of our health and safety goals we are implementing a series of procedures that we ask you to observe and adhere to as we navigate this new way of serving you with health and safety procedures in place.


-Any patient with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter the clinic and will be referred for testing.

– Provided you pass the screening that will be done at the time of your appointment booking over the phone, you will be required to wear a mask in the clinic and to disinfect or wash your hands as soon as you come in. Please bring your own mask, if possible. If you do not have one, please wear a scarf or a bandana to cover your mouth and nose. Alternatively, you can buy a mask at our pharmacy inside the Health Centre for $1.99 tax Incl.

Please note that no one is allowed to come into the Port Hope Health Centre without a mask be it staff, patients or visitor. This is extremely important to adhere to!


-We ask that you do not bring any additional people with you to your appointment unless it is absolutely essential. Additional visitors will also need to pass screening before they will be allowed to enter.

-We will be taking your temperature upon your arrival at the front desk with an infrared thermometer as an extra step in our screening process.

-Our staff and practitioners will ALL be wearing masks while in the clinic, as well as everyone entering or working at Port Hope Health Centre. Our staff and practitioners will also use additional PPE where appropriate.

-To minimize your time and contact inside Port Hope Health Centre we ask that you come at your exact time for your appointment not before. For example, if your appointment is at 10AM please enter the building at 10am. If you arrive before, please stay in your car in the parking lot until the time of your appointment.

-Please press the handicapped buttons with your elbows to open the door when entering and leaving the Health Centre to minimize contact with common touched surfaces in door handles.


-After entering the Health Centre please do not sit but proceed to the front desk where our front desk staff may ask you more questions, provide you with hand sanitizer and will take your temperature. Your practitioners will be waiting for you and take you straight to the treatment room.

-Each practitioner will be disinfecting all furniture, tables, and surfaces before you enter the room and will do so again after you leave the room.

-Please do the best you can to maintain physical distance (2 meters) from other people at all times while in the clinic and observe the arrows on the floor for directions.

-We ask at this time that you only use forms of payment that you can tap at the debit machine. Please do not bring cash if you can help it. We are trying to minimize contact with surface that are commonly used although the debit machine will be disinfected after each use.


We understand that these are difficult times and these new procedures may put undue stress on many of us but we take the health and safety of our staff, our practitioners and our patients extremely seriously and as such we are very grateful for your participation and adherence to these procedures.

We very much look forward to serve you again and remain hopeful that these new procedures will be removed once the pandemic will be resolved. Until then, lets all do our part to stay healthy! We are all on this together!


Yours in Health,

Port Hope Health Centre

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