Leanne Stevenson

leanne-stevensonLeanne Stevenson is an experienced massage therapist with a focus on deep tissue Massage Therapy treatments for musculoskeletal conditions such repetitive strain and athletic injuries, injury rehabilitation, headaches, tension, chronic pain, concussions, stress and anxiety.

Leanne works with each individual client to achieve optimal health outcomes and believes in the value of educating her clients on rehabilitation exercise and encouraging an active lifestyle at any age. In addition, Leanne has completed various courses including Active Release Therapy (A.R.T), Sports Massage, Microcurrent Therapy and has a certificate in Craniosacral Therapy.

Leanne loves spending all her extra time with her 2 children and being outdoors hiking, swimming or cycling as much as possible. You will find her and her children participating in many different fundraising activities together such as mud hero 5k run, CN tower stair climb. She also loves volunteering with her daughter’s Special Olympics teams and is also involved in organized competitive sports such as ball hockey, baseball, broomball and Ice hockey.

Contact Leanne at lstevenson@porthopehealthcentre.com

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